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Large Planter with Saucer - B

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Large planter with removable saucer.
Measures approximately 6 1/4" in diameter at widest point, 4" at narrowest point, 5 1/4" tall. Saucer is approximately 5 1/2" in diameter. One drainage hole in bottom of the pot. These planters are coated with several layers of a spray-on varnish and UV protectants. ***I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PUTTING A LAYER OF GRAVEL IN THE BOTTOM OF THE SAUCER TO PREVENT THE BOTTOM OF THE PLANTER FROM SITTING IN ANY STANDING WATER. IF YOU CHOOSE TO SKIP THE GRAVEL, PLEASE MAKE SURE ANY STANDING WATER IS REMOVED FROM THE SAUCER AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. VARNISH AND UV PROTECTANT ARE PRONE TO PEELING/BUBBLING FROM ANY LONG TERM SOAKING***
One of a kind!

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